Teacher: Chaikovska Anna  - Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor of Pedagogy and Methods of Primary and Preschool Education  http://tnpu.edu.ua/faculty/PVPK/chaykovska-ganna-bogdan-vna.php?clear_cache=Y

The scientist of TNPU named after  V. Hnatyuk: http://www.library.tnpu.edu.ua/index.php/naukometriia/naukovtsi-tnpu/326-alfavitnyi-filtr/tc/2832-chaikovska-h

The e-course is designed for bachelors majoring in 053 Psychology

Mandatory discipline of the general training cycle

The purpose of the discipline is to ensure that higher education students achieve the following learning outcomes: have comprehensive specialized empirical and theoretical knowledge of human biology and genetics, in particular about the peculiarities of the organism in different periods of ontogenesis, cytological, biochemical basis of human heredity, patterns of organ inheritance, organ function,  systems of organs and an organism as a whole in process of its growth and development, originality of function at each age stage;  demonstrate an understanding of the patterns and features of the development and functioning of mental phenomena in the context of professional tasks;  understand the importance of maintaining health (one's own and others') and, if necessary, determine the content of the request for supervision.

Key words: biology, physiological processes, organism as a whole, ontogenesis, phylogeny, human genetics, heredity, variability, hereditary diseases, psyche, health.